Hoop Dream Earrings
Hoop Dream Earrings
Hoop Dream Earrings
Hoop Dream Earrings
Hoop Dream Earrings

Hoop Dream Earrings

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These versatile hoop earrings are made for any occasion. Featuring a sterling silver and 14 karat rose gold filled accent chain. These earrings can go from day to night easily and can be worn in three different ways making them the perfect accent to switch quickly from your daytime studio outfit to a night out with friends.

"Because I am not the same girl everyday, and I shouldn't have to be either."- Tabitha Dumo.

3 Ways To Wear Earrings
1. Hoop earring on its own.
2. Place the chain accent between the back of your earlobe and the stopper so that the chain will hang directly from the ear.
3. Loop the chain onto the hoop so that the chain hangs from the hoop itself.

Earring Size: 16mm
Chain Accent Approx Length: 40mm

Designed in collaboration with Tabitha and Napoleon Dumo, Evolution is a collection inspired by the growth and artistry that lives within all of us.

Featuring sleek edges and smooth curves this collection is as versatile and ever-changing as your artistic journey.

 All Rhythm Jewellery is available in Sterling Silver, 10K yellow, white or rose gold with the highest quality of 14K gold findings. All of our jewellery is proudly made in Canada ensuring the highest standards of craftsmanship and designed to last forever. Though it may be hard, as our jewellery is awesome, please refrain from wearing your Rhythm Jewellery while dancing.

Please allow 2 weeks on all gold jewellery orders.