Fine Jewellery Portfolio



     The team at Rhythm Jewellery has had a vast career in designing, manufacturing and repairing high end jewellery. Over the years we have worked on thousands of pieces of gemstone and diamond jewellery for all occasions. In fact, it was only a few years ago that it was brought to our attention how little fine jewellery was available representing the love, passion and dedication held by athletic artists.  Never being ones to turn down a challenge, we began Rhythm Jewellery as a way to help our fellow artists express their love of their art and celebrate their accomplishments. Our hearts will always hold a special place for the custom design and manufacturing of fine jewellery in all of its forms. During our careers we have been honoured to play a small part in countless proposals, anniversaries and special occasions. We hope that you will consider us to be a part of your next special occasion.




       Our process begins with a consultation where we design the perfect piece using your input and personal aesthetic. Over the years we have created everything from delicately engraved engagement rings to heavy bangle cuffs, pendants made from arrowheads to fingerprint jewellery. Whether we are manufacturing something from scratch or turning your old heirlooms into fresh designs. We can create just about anything and as I look back I think we have!  Our goldsmiths will use a series of techniques to create your one of a kind piece of jewellery. We will either fabricate it directly from metal, hand carve a wax or computer design and render your unique idea. The wax is then sent to a local Canadian casting company where it goes through the process of 'lost wax casting" using only the most premium metal mixtures. Once your jewellery is cast, it is hand finished in our Saskatoon studio by our team of goldsmiths. During the finishing process it goes through several rounds of filing, polishing and stone setting. Each piece receives the utmost care and attention providing the finest quality product to you the customer. Our fine jewellery pieces are then sent to a local independent appraiser to be appraised for insurance purposes and to verify its authenticity.




     The wonderful thing about custom is we can alter your design and stone to fit multiple price points. The final price can be fluctuated by changing the size of or quality of the diamonds, altering the metal weight or changing the design to decrease the labour spent manufacturing the piece. For majority of our custom jobs we ask our clients to give us a rough budget that we can use to create multiple estimates to choose from. With many years spent in the industry, our knowledge of diamonds and precious metals take the guesswork away from our clients and allows you to make an educated decision as to what you are purchasing and its proper value. We pride ourselves in being able to create something unique, authentic and sensational for every price point.

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More custom images from our portfolio are available upon request.