Product Care

Product Care:

Rhythm Jewellery is proudly made in Canada using the highest quality of sterling silver and gold. With care your Rhythm pieces will retain their beauty for years to come.

Silver Care:

While our sterling silver is mixed with an anti-tarnish ingredients all sterling silver will tarnish, especially when exposed to salt, humidity and products containing sulphur. However, silver that is worn regularly tarnishes less. We at Rhythm, strongly encourage you to wear your pieces everyday, not only because they are awesome, but because it will help keep them from tarnishing. If your piece does tarnish you can wash it in mild soap and warm water or purchase a sterling silver jewellery cleaning cloth from a reputable jewellery dealer.

When not wearing your pieces they should be stored away from humid conditions to keep from tarnishing. You can keep them in an airtight plastic bag or add some pieces of chalk or silica gel packages inside your jewelry box to help keep moisture away.

Gold Care:

It is recommended you check your jewellery regularly to make sure clasps and joints are secure. Avoid any exposure of your gold jewellery to bleach or harsh chemicals, as it will cause the gold to discolor.

Leather Care:

Rhythm Jewellery bracelets are created from vegetable tanned leathers using natural oils, from some of the most prestigious tanneries in the world. Our tanneries are known for their ethical and ecologically sustainable practices. All products used in our leather tanning processes are not harmful on the environment and we are proud to say that we only use leather that is a byproduct of the meat industry. Each leather strap is hand cut and examined to ensure it meets the highest quality standards.

Leather bracelets will distress over time. Slight imperfections and colour variations are normal and may occasionally appear, enhancing the uniqueness of your piece. The leather is treated for durability, however, all leather can change colour over time and distress. If your leather bracelet becomes dirty, spot clean with a damp cloth and a small amount of mild soap. Avoid getting your leather bracelet wet, using strong soaps, oils, abrasive cleaner and harsh chemicals. Do not leave in direct sunlight for several hours at a time.

Size Guide:


To determine your bracelet size wrap a tape measure tightly around your wrist at its widest point. Add one inch to that measurement.

*** Note: Leather will stretch and relax over time. This is not a manufacturing defect. We recommend that you buy your bracelet a little smaller than what you would normally wear.

Clay Jewellery Care

Make sure to store your earrings in a cool dry place when you are not wearing them. Keep jewelry away from perfume, chemicals and harsh jewelry cleaners. While we have several clients who get our earrings wet we always suggest that you avoid wearing them in the shower or in bodies of water. Avoid storing them in a place that they can easily get scratched by harder materials.