Effortless Tote
Effortless Tote
Effortless Tote

Effortless Tote

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A dancer in movement glides effortlessly across the front of this tote. Deep hues of blushes, greens and blue make this the perfect accessory to any outfit.

Designed in collaboration with Canadian textile artist Rita St. Amant, Silhouettes is the perfect blend of luxury and movement. This curated collection of 100% silk Habotoi scarves and sateen lined canvas totes is designed exclusively by artists for artists just like you.

For a full bio on our collaborating artist Rita St. Amant click here.


Tote Details:

-Material 100% polyester textured canvas.
-lined with 100% navy cotton sateen.
-magnetic closure for convenience and security.
-black vegan leather straps.
-Bag measures 16" by 13" (not including straps)
-inside pocket for wallets, cell phones and other small essentials
-inside zippered welt pocket to store all of your loose items.

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