The Ultimate Dance Studio Fundraiser Is Here!

5678 Dancer Key Chain from Rhythm Jewellery in Maple

3 Reasons Rhythm Jewellery Key Chains Are The Perfect Spring Fundraisers for Dance Studios

Did you know that we have launched one of the most unique dance studio fundraisers? Choose from one of our best selling dance inspired designs or custom design one that is unique just for your studio. Attach them to your keys, give them as recital gifts or hook them to your dance bag. Either way these key chains make the cutest studio accessory for your dance family.

Here are our top 3 reasons your studio should consider our custom key chains for your spring dance studio fundraiser.

1. Unique Dancer Style

Your dance family is unique, your studio merchandise should be too. These custom-designed key chains are crafted from your choice of Canadian Walnut or Maple and feature stainless steel key rings and a carabiner so you can easily hook them to your dance bag. Add a cute leather tassle in your studio colors to add the perfect pop of color.  These wooden beauties exude elegance and warmth, making them perfect accessories for dancers. Whether clipped onto a dance bag or used as a keychain, they add a touch of dancer style. 

2. Perfect Non Dancer Gifts Too:

Rhythm Jewellery understands that often times with fundraising dancers ask family members and friends to contribute. Which is why we came up with some really beautiful options that work for family members who maybe aren't dancers themselves. In fact, we have over 15 different style options not including any custom designs we create just for you. These key chains make the perfect extra little gift to give to family members and friends for any occasion.

Custom Dance Studio Key Chain Fundraiser Rhythm Jewellery


3. Studio Fundraising Made Stylish and Seamless

Rhythm Jewellery’s Dance Bag Tags are a winning choice for fundraiser. Not only do they resonate with dancers, but they also elevate your fundraising efforts. I

  • Customizable: Tailor key chains to your studio’s brand. Whether it’s your logo, studio name, or a special dance motif, Rhythm Jewellery brings your vision to life.
  • Affordable: The custom design process is simple and cost-effective, regardless of your dance family’s size.
  • Convenient: Easy to gift each key chain comes in its own gift bag. As the dance studio fundraising committee you can choose to use our easy preordering system or place a bulk order.

Rhythm Jewellery isn’t just about jewelry; it’s about celebrating the rhythm within every dancer. So, gear up for spring, embrace the beat, and let these key chains dance their way into your fundraising success!

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If you think your dance studio would like to use our keychains as a fundraiser this year email us at and we will send you all the details.