Tap Dancer Style

Now you don't have to let your feet do all the talking. We have designed some of the prettiest tap dancer accessories to represent your love of tap perfectly. Whether you have been a tapper for years, just took your first tap dance lesson last week or you are a tap dance lover from the audience this curated selection of tap dance inspired pieces are sure to get your moving.

Rhythmic Scarf

We launched this tap dance inspired scarf last year and has remained a top seller month after month. Designed in collaboration with Canadian textile artist Rita St. Amant this silk scarf features her original watercolour artwork blended on to 100% silk Habotoi.  Deep hues of rouge and blush make the hand painted tap shoes pop creating a show stopper gift for any tap dancer in your life.  What we love most about these scarves is they are super lightweight so you can wear them in the winter or in the summer.

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Yellow Gold tap shoe necklace created by Rhythm Jewellery


Little Tapper Necklace

Whether you are in the studio or out for dinner with friends this tap shoe necklace always adds a little extra sparkle. Designed to be completely unisex this necklace can be worn by any tap dance lover on the planet. Available in sterling silver, 10 karat white, yellow or rose gold there is an option for everyone. Variety is the spice of life after all!

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Progression Necklace designed by Nappytabs and Rhythm Jewellery 5,6,7,8, necklace

Progression Necklace

Say it with me....and 5,6,7,8! Designed in collaboration with choreographers and creative directors Nappytabs, the Progression necklace is the perfect way to show off your love of tap and all the time spent in the studio pursuing your passion. This dog tag style necklace features sleek lines and contemporary edges making it the sleekest accessory this side of the studio.

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