Our 2020 Year in Review


Taylor Reese Hatala, Tonya Wanner Photography, Green Tree Beauty, Rhythm Jewellery Collaboration

What can I say about the crazy year that was 2020?

It was one of the wildest rides for the small business community we have had yet.  I am so filled with gratitude at the outpouring of love and support we received this year from our clients, friends and Rhythm J family. Because of your continued support, 2021 is looking brighter than I could have imagined.

Though 2020 had its fair share of hurdles, there were also some incredible highlights and milestones that we hit this year.

I am absolutely honoured to be able to say that Rhythm collaborated with Taylor and Reese Hatala this year. We launched their first signature jewellery collection 'Force of Nature' on September first. Not only was it an absolute delight to experience this creative process with Reese and Taylor, but it was amazing to get to know them on a personal level. They are both incredibly driven, gracious and dedicated. Working with them was such an inspiring experience.

I must also say that having a group of amazing, talented women around you to support you makes all the difference. A special champagne toast this New Year's goes to Tonya (Tonya Wanner Photography) and Jenni (Green Tree Beauty) for sharing their talent, creativity and expertise. The word 'dream team' doesn't even come close to describing how much easier these two made my life this year.

Rhythm was also fortunate enough to be offered the rare opportunity to sponsor The Dance Podcast hosted by Lauren Ritchie. Lauren has dedicated her career to helping support and educate dancers to be their best - mind, body and spirit. She has a particular focus on mental health and healthy mindset for dancers which I believe, now more than ever,  is so important in the dance community. Not only was I given the opportunity to be a part of her groundbreaking podcast but we collaborated on the design of the Mind, Body, Craft necklace with proceeds going to the Chloe and Maud Foundation.

We also launched our very first holiday collection 'Grace' which was received with such excitement that we are planning to continue the tradition every year!  

And as new items arrive, our limited edition pieces are safely stored in the vault. Our 'Forever Flexible' necklace, designed with Anna McNulty , was placed in the vault at the end of November and boy did it go out with a bang. We sold out of every piece we had in the studio with requests for more! It was an absolute pleasure working with Anna to bring her vision to life. I am in awe of her work ethic and business savvy at such a young age. I must admit, I am a little sad to see this beautiful piece leave the website.

Though we weren't able to attend our usual competitions and trade shows this year, we used 2020 to foster our connections with studios and offer support. We sponsored as many virtual competitions as we could find, and during the particularly hard months, we launched Operation Spread Some Dance Love. (Okay so I was the only one calling it that) and we sent nearly 30 pieces of jewellery out to dancers we found inspiring with a note attached thanking them for all they do.

I also used 2020 to focus on creativity and design, which is my true passion, and have designed several collections that we are hoping to launch in 2021. Stay tuned to see our next two collaboration collections, as well as a dance mom and dance teacher inspired collection. I cannot wait to move forward into 2021 with you.

Keep on Dancing my friends,