Natalie Krill Collaboration

 Following Your ‘Muse’

An Interview with Natalie Krill

There aren’t words big enough to describe how amazing it is to bring you our latest collaboration piece. We have been working really hard behind the scenes at Rhythm Jewellery to try and capture the creativity, intelligence and beauty that this next artist brought to the table. I am thrilled to have teamed up with another prairie girl, Natalie Krill, to bring you this nature inspired piece titled “Muse”.

Raised right here in Saskatchewan Natalie started dancing at the age of six. The dance studio quickly became her second home. This passion evolved into a  life path and also opened the door for an acting career.  Some of her performances include roles in Molly’s Game, Winona Earp, The Next Step, Suits, We Had It Coming, Workin’ Moms, Ransom, The Listener, Below Her Mouth and SuperGrid. Her on-stage credits also include 42nd St, Dirty Dancing: The Classic Story on Stage and Crimes of the Heart.

Natalie has performed all over the world. She is an actor with a strong connection to the spiritual. Reiki, meditation and yoga have become a steadfast part of not only who she is but also her craft. This journey to find healing and wholeness through art brought her to the birth of The Inside Out Creative; A holistic approach to guiding children artistically.

We had the chance to ask Natalie a few questions about her journey so far, her connection with dance and the inspiration behind her first piece of signature jewellery. Make sure to take a look at the sneak peak of her design launching soon!!!

Natalie Krill Necklace ‘Muse” collaboration with Rhythm Jewellery


1. You have already had such an incredible career and adventure. How would you describe your own journey up to this point? 

People see the highlight reel of what the journey has been for me but there have been many ups and downs. When you set out to pursue your dreams you have an idea of what that looks like but often times reality is something different. I have had many successes that I am so grateful for, working on numerous different productions big and small, travelling the world to perform and meeting some of my idols. But I think the thing that I am most grateful for, is the self discovery that this all has given me. The little simple things are what bring me the most joy now. Doing art and creating for the sake of creating. It’s the reason why I had those big dreams in the first place; because I love to create. For me, letting go of those expectations and focusing on the creating has been the biggest gift of all. 
2. Tell us something we don’t know about you that might surprise us?
I am an introvert. I need a lot of time by myself. Quiet time alone. That is when I am my most creative and inspired. I find after a lot of events and work, I need some solid time alone to recharge.
3. Where does your passion for theatre and the dance arts come from?
Dancing is just a part of me. It is such an energetic cleanse for me. When I hear music that I connect with, a channeling happens. I love to let music get inside of me. The steps don’t matter, it’s purely a union between me and the music. 
Theatre and acting have a similar connection with my soul. It started with a deep curiosity about people; a desire to understand different people. I feel with every character I play, I discover more about myself. People often think that actors enjoy the spotlight and I think there are some actors that do enjoy it but to be honest, I don’t. For me, the exploration of the character and getting inside of that person is the part I love. Being able to truthfully embody someone outside of myself is what fascinates me. 
4. Your career choice is unique and not considered a “standard or safe” career. There is a bit of a stigma sometimes to pursuing the arts as a career and I think that deters a lot of people from ultimately pursuing their passion. Do you have any advice for people who are struggling with what to do with their training or how to pursue their art as a career rather than a hobby and create success?
I would say, always make sure that you are doing it for your own reasons. It is not an easy path and it takes time. It not only takes time but it takes a lot of dedication and discipline. You have to be focused and determined. Make sure you are always learning. Read everything you can about your craft. Always take classes. Submerse yourself in your desired field. And then most importantly - take care of yourself. This means a few things and a lot of it is for you to discover how best to do that for you. But make sure you are eating healthy foods and enough food. Take care of your mind and your emotions by being mindful and gentle with yourself. And always listen to your gut. At the end of the day, only you will know what is right for you. Don’t let anyone control you or tell you that you can’t do something.
5. You have already accomplished such great success in your career/life what is one of your biggest milestones where you were like, “Holy Coconuts, I can’t believe that just happened.”
The first time I booked a lead role. I had notes taped up in secret places all over my apartment for years that said, “I am a leading lady”. So when it happened, it was a crazy feeling. That was literally 10 years of repeating that to myself.
Natalie Krill signature necklace ‘Muse’ collaboration with Rhythm Jewellery
6. Do you have any quotes or words you live by?
When I was 11 years old, I met an adjudicator that really impacted me. She gave me a special award and was just really encouraging. In her bio in the program, it read at the end, “Dance with your heart and your feet will follow”. That has stuck with me forever and has been my mantra for life in general. It applies to everything. I find when I do anything with my heart open and forward, everything falls into place. 
7. If I was a genie in a bottle and could grant you one wild and crazy wish what would it be?
More art and less war in the world.
8. Why did you choose the title “Muse” or that design for the necklace. Why does that style speak to you?
I wanted something that represented how dance and the arts have supported my life. Dance opened the door for everything in my life. It was my way in. We also tie in the element of nature with this design. A tree is always growing and evolving, this piece is a representation of how it has slowly changed my life over time. Nature creates the most beautiful art. And we are a part of that. I called it Muse because nature is my muse and I wanted to inspire people to get back to that for their own healing and inspiration. 
9. At Rhythm we think jewellery is more than just jewellery. It can represent your love and passion for something. It can be a reminder of what your priorities and purpose are going to be that day. When people wear your necklace what do you hope it represents and speaks for them?
I hope this piece can be a reminder for them to connect back with themselves, with nature and with the power of art. Creativity is such a wonderful way to nurture well being. There are so many pressures in todays world but I truly believe that if we do take the time to slow down, stay grounded and re connect with ourselves and the natural world around us, not only are we calmer and more authentic but we are also more productive and powerful. 
You can find Natalie at
Instagram @natkrill
The Inside Out Creative
Muse necklace designed by Natalie Krill and Rhythm Jewellery