Motivation, Perfectionism And Mental Health In Dance.

At Rhythm Jewellery keeping dancers healthy and happy is as important as creating our dance inspired jewelry. I am so fortunate to have teamed up with the Incredibly talented Lauren Ritchie

and The Dance Podcast to bring you some amazing content that will help you get your mental health on track this dance season and for many more dance seasons to come. 

Here is one of our favourite episodes from this season featuring Dr. Lucie Clements aka The Dance Psychologist.

Who better than these two amazing ladies to talk to us about motivation, perfectionism and mental health for dancers. A topic I think is so worthwhile to keep in the forefront of our daily conversations at the studio.

I hope you will enjoy this episode of The Dance Podcast as much as we did.


Listen to Episode #154 with Lucie Clements The Dance Psychologist.


A quick bio about Dr. Lucie Clements.

Lucie is a Chartered Psychologist and has published in peer reviewed articles, spoken at international conferences and worked with leading dance schools and companies across the world.
After tears to both of Lucie’s hips ended her dreams of a professional dance career, she redirected her curiosity and creativity towards a BSC in Psychology from the University of Surrey. While there, Lucie quickly developed a new goal; to use her understanding of the science of behaviour to help dancers to navigate some of the challenges she herself had faced. After a year working in the neuroscience of dance, Lucie completed her Master’s and PhD in Dance Science at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance. During this time, she lectured in psychology and research methods at a number of Higher Education institutions throughout the UK.
Now a Chartered Psychologist (British Psychological Society) and Senior Lecturer in Psychology at the University of Chichester, Lucie continues to research the psychology of dance and leads the Wellbeing and Creativity in Performance Lab within the Institute of Education, Health and Social Sciences.
Lucie researches the psychosocial underpinnings of optimal performance, including the training environment and significant individuals (such as the teachers/parents) in nurturing healthy dance engagement. Some of her recent research focusses on creativity in the life of a dancer, understanding what it means to achieve not only technical excellence in dance but also to flourish creatively.
Since 2016 Lucie has been listed by One Dance UK, the UK’s body for dance, as a recommended Healthier Dancer Speaker, and has since worked freelance within world-leading dance institutions. Lucie uses her expertise gained as an academic researcher to develop evidence-based psychoeducational workshops and consultancy for performing artists.

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