Forever Flexible Reveal and Box Opening



Anna McNulty Forever Flexible necklace designed with Rhythm Jewellery. Sterling silver heart necklace with needle silhoutte of Anna completing the heart.Forever Flexible created in collaboration with Anna McNulty is finally here!! The soft shiny curves of a heart are completed by the silhouette of Anna posed in a Needle. This piece is Anna’s first signature piece of jewellery and was created as a reflection of her love for all things flexible.

 Forever Flexible Necklace designed by Anna McNulty. Sterling silver heart shaped pendant with silhoutte of Anna in a needle pose completing the heart.

Available exclusively at Rhythm Jewellery for a limited time, each piece is cast in Canada using the finest metal. Hand polished in our studio we bring out the metals natural lustre to create a keepsake that truly shines on the outside as much as your love for flexibility shines on the inside. 

 Want to see Anna’s reaction as she opened her very first piece of jewellery?

Watch the unboxing video here!!