Behind the Scenes Of Our Newly Launched Emulate Key Collection.

It takes an entire community of support for athletic artists to reach their goals. From the teachers and coaches to the dance moms, sometimes it can feel like an athlete has an entire army behind them supporting and encouraging them to achieve their best.

We are so excited to announce our newly launched 'Emulate Collection.’ This collection contains a rich assortment of new pieces paying homage to the daily sacrifice of our dance teachers, coaches, cheer and dance mom.

The design process started for us close a year ago. So many of our clients asked us when we would create a piece specifically for teachers or moms. After almost a year of design work, prototyping and tweaking in the the studio we launched our Emulate Key Collection on March 1.

I have always felt that jewellery is must more than jewellery. Jewellery can represent a wide range of emotions, artistry, a celebration or your individual journey. My hope is that every time you wear a piece from this collection you are reminded that your efforts do not go unnoticed.

We made a quick video to show the labour of love process that went into designing The Emulate Collection.

View Behind The Scenes Video Here.


Photography by Tonya Wanner Photography