A Tour Around The Rhythm Studio


        A quick peek of our Rhythm Jewellery studio. It's just a little different from your dance studio right?

      Just like you, sometimes I feel like I have spent my whole life in a studio. However, there is a big difference between your studio and mine and its not just the springy floor and mirrors. I think a lot of people are really shocked when they see the transformation jewellery has to go through to become beautiful and shiny. And contrary to what you may see on Pinterest jewellery studios are dusty, dirty, full of burn marks and scratches...well mine is anyways. It is also full of things that I really love. Almost everything hanging on the walls has a special meaning, reminds me of someone I care about, an accomplishment or a great memory. So many of the tools and equipment have come into the studio with stories and a history. Almost every major piece of equipment that finds its forever home with me gets a name. (I also love a good pun whenever possible.)

As you can tell, sometimes the studio is a pretty solitary place with not many visitors, but I do find when I get the chance to bring the odd client there, they seem really interested in the process. So I thought I would share a little bit from inside the studio with you.

A huge thanks to the amazing Tonya Wanner Photography for coming in and snapping these pics. She is usually taking photos of dancers doing their thing so I think this was a big change for her. But we had a total blast and she caught the essence of the studio perfectly in all of its dusty and dirty glory.