A Look Back At 2021


Well 2021 did not disappoint for this little ole goldsmith. Early this Spring I had the honour to launch a collection of jewelry designed for our hard working teachers, coaches and moms. Listening to the stories of all the amazing mentors out there making a difference to our athletes was such a huge inspiration how could I not design something just for you.

Simultaneously, I was also working on designing a collection of dance inspired silk scarves and totes.


The Silhouettes Collection remains one of the most special collections I have ever launched. It was created in collaboration with textile artist Rita St. Amant.  Little side fact, Rita happens to be my incredibly talented mother, so being able to work along side her to collaborate on a project was an amazing experience for me. The collection was so well received that we have decided to add some more pieces in 2022 including...SPOILER ALERT...some gorgeous Nutcracker themed pieces.


And just when we thought the year couldn't get any more exciting we started designing with Nappytabs. We began chatting and throwing around design ideas in the fall of 2020 with Tabitha and Napoleon and over the course of several months the Evolution Collection came together.  Working with these two on a creative project was nothing short of amazing. They have made their entire careers out of artistic collaboration so working with them to create something that represents their artistry was wonderfully challenging. There were many times when they would point out little details or suggest an idea that I know stemmed from their incredible eye for design and movement.


The collaboration also led us to Las Vegas to meet them in person and shoot them at Red Rock Canyon with their brand new jewelry collection. While the members of our team had been to Vegas before, none of us had been to Red Rock. Napoleon and Tabitha were the perfect tour guides as they hike there a few times a week. Travelling to Vegas during a pandemic adds a little more stress than I normally like, but hanging out in the canyon in the sunshine with a great group of people made all the stress worthwhile. And what a day it was working with Nappytabs, I had anticipated many things out of our photoshoot with them but what I didn't anticipate was the amount of laughter the afternoon would bring. The two of them are absolutely hilarious and quickly make you feel like you have known them forever.


All 3 of the collections we designed in 2021 are available on our website. I hope that you love them as much as we do. I cannot wait to see what incredible adventures 2022 brings us and thank you so much for being apart of our small business journey.


As always Happy Dancing,

Owner/Head Goldsmith