3 Pieces of Jewelry To Rock Those Virtual Teaching Gigs

It is no secret that the past year has brought us many changes. Among those changes was the shift to teaching dance virtually. And through the music skips, time delays, video problems and just the effort to try and keep your dancer's interested and engaged you have pushed through and managed to mold the minds of your students virtually. And for that, my friends, we salute you!
If you are looking for a little bit of extra style that will sparkle even through a Zoom call. Look no further. Here are our 3 favourite pieces of jewelry to rock your next virtual teaching gig. 
This simple yet graceful necklace adds that little extra sparkle to any outfit.
Representing how you will always be rooted in your love for dance our Muse necklace is the perfect choice to represent your years of training.
Simply Jazz Dancer Necklace
No matter what genre of dance you prefer our Simply Jazz necklace is pure joy and looks perfect with any outfit.