3 Things I Wish Every Customer Knew About Jewellery

As a goldsmith with over 20 years experience in the jewelry industry I have spent years manufacturing and repairing all kinds of jewelry. But did you know before I started creating jewelry inspired for dancers the majority of my career was repairing and designing pieces for jewelry stores.  In fact, before I started Rhythm, most of my career had been in designing engagement rings. Over the years, I have seen just about everything and been asked almost every question under the sun. There are a few things that I wish consumers knew before they purchased their jewelry.

1. Sterling Silver Hates Humidity

Not everyone has a jewelry studio of polishers at their fingertips. And no matter how premium of a mixture of silver we use the reality is that silver is always going to have the tendency to tarnish. The absolute best way to keep your sterling silver from tarnishing is to keep it away from the humidity. That especially means not keeping it in the bathroom when it is not being worn.

Secret Tip: Storing your silver pieces in plastic pages or throwing some of the silica gel packs that come inside purse and shoe boxes will help keep your silver from tarnishing.


Rhythm Jewellery Dance Inspired Necklaces2. Poor Quality Jewellery Can Be Harmful To Your Health.

Over the years several universities and news organizations have conducted tests on costume jewelry from big brand stores.  A large majority of those tests found cadmium, lead, chromium, mercury and arsenic. So why does this matter? Well your skin is your largest organ and absorbs everything. It can't be good for you to have a necklace with a high content of arsenic sitting on your skin all day. Wearing jewellery made with high quality sterling silver and gold is the safest bet for your health.

3. Gold Coloured Jewelry Is Not The Same As Gold Jewelry

There is a big difference in jewelry that has gold coloring and jewelry that is real gold. Gold colored jewelry can often be made of mystery metal which could not only be potentially harmful to you but can very quickly change color and lose its beauty. It is important to really research and ask alot of questions before you purchase gold pieces to make sure you are getting the proper value for what you paying.


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