Strike Earrings
Strike Earrings

Strike Earrings

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These hand-cut lightning bolt earrings are the perfect reflection of your inner power. Earrings are worn 'crawler style' up the ear creating a bold statement. Sleek lines compliment high polished edges allowing you to show your power wherever you go.

Measures: Approx 23mm

Our exclusive Force of Nature Collection is designed in collaboration with Reese and Taylor Hatala. Their very first signature jewelry collection is meticulously crafted to be the ultimate expression of your inner power, creativity and strength.

You are powerful, capable and strong. You are the lightning. Go ahead, let the world see what you are made of.

All Rhythm Jewellery is available in Sterling Silver, 10K yellow and 10K white gold  with the highest quality of 14K gold findings. All of our jewellery is proudly made in Canada ensuring the highest standards of craftsmanship and designed to last forever. Though it may be hard, as our jewellery is awesome, please refrain from wearing your Rhythm Jewellery while dancing.

Please allow 2 weeks on all gold jewellery orders. 

If you order one of Taylor and Reese's gorgeous designs and our website tells you there is a problem with the shipping. Please email us at and we will make sure that we get the proper shipping set up for your country! Thanks!